Making knives



Everything started as a joke. Actually I don't know why I decided to make my first knife.

Maybe due to my job: IT manager. When you finish your day it seems you have done nothing. I was looking for something to do with my own two hands.

I still have my first knife. It is ugly, unusable, not well finished. But it is the starting point of an amazing trip.



My story is so short that I can tell in two words: passion and people.


I think no one can explain the passion for a knife, nor for knife making. Probally someone is born with it, someone grows seeing and using knives so at a certain point decides to make in their own.


Making knives allows me to know very interesting and unique people. Years ago I read about a social forum dedicated to knives. I immediately thought that it was an interesting way to share information and to learn tecniques. Really I couldn't know that via that forum I will know a lot of people. Some of them, not only person with common interests, but true friends...


Francesco and Alberto, two crazy man from Tuscany. With them we study new knives, we test new tecniques and enjoy ours goals.


Denis, Milko, Riccardo, true master bladesmith, ready to share their knowhow asking nothing in change.


Leonardo, Giuseppe, Giovanni, Lobo, Boshi, Moreno, Enzo.......

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